Mid Century Sectional

Kathy & Gary from Vancouver, WA wrote the following review on 4/20/16

We had a Mid-Century sectional reupholstered by Kurt, the owner of Furniture 4 Generations. Originally we were considering selling this piece but thought we would make that decision after we talked it over with Kurt. Once we spent time discussing what we would have when the project was completed there was no question remaining except one,  "when can we start"?  Kurt has 4 Generations of skill that is apparent in his finished product, a workmanship that is hard to find these days. Kurt gracefully steered us in the direction to complement the style and era without controlling our personal choices in fabric and detailing touches. With that, Kurt adding his experience and vast knowledge,  built on the foundation we laid out... we now are the proud owners of this piece of history. I don't know the exact word to describe the finished piece, I think two words... "Stunning" and "Impressive" describe it. But the pictures say it all! Thanks Kurt! You exceeded our expectations, you truly under promised and over delivered!
Kathy and Gary

Kathy and Gary were a fun and creative couple to work with.  I would have hated to see them sell this mid century sectional.  In fact I may have purchased it myself if that had been their decision.  Look how nice it looks in their home!